Sam’s Lodge Bangkok Thailand

Sam’s Lodge is a small hotel located in Bangkok off of Sukhumvit Road in the Asok area. The facilities are becoming rundown, and their colour scheme is gaudy. The hotel is mostly clean despite frequent signs of wear. The rooms are small, and the bedding is clean but old and in need of replacement.

So why would anyone stay here? Well, the location is spot on. It is within about 200m to either the Asok BTS Station (sky-train) or the Sukhumvit MRT Station (subway). The rooms are very affordable also, for about $20 a night. Of course, hostels are cheaper with an average price of $10, but I wear a CPAP at night and hate the idea of keeping someone up because of it. That’s probably just an excuse, but I’ll stick to it for now.

Here a vlog which lets you see first hand.

Overall the hotel is an upgrade or maybe just a sidegrade from your average hostel, but I found it quiet and close to popular and cheap modes of transportation. As long as you realize what you’re getting into, I would suggest this hotel.

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